Sunday, February 19, 2017

First Meeting of the Children's Rosary at St. Francis Shelter

Today a new Children's Rosary prayer group formed at St. Francis Shelter in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. This Shelter is home to 80 severely disabled children. A small number of the children are ambulatory and these children came together to hold the first meeting of the Children's Rosary today.  The meeting began with Consecrating the group to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Much care was taken to set up a prayer area where the children could gather. 

The children chose to have a large picture of Divine Mercy before them.  The area was further decorated with prayer cards of saints hung before the image of Divine Mercy. Before the children was the baby Jesus. A gift we had sent to the children in Bien Hoa orphanage. They in turn gave this statue to the children at St. Francis Shelter. An incredibly generous gift from their hearts to other children in many ways more needy then they.

The children at St. Francis Shelter were very excited to receive the gift of the baby Jesus statue.  They also had an opportunity to give a gift of their own. Roses were present and each child was able to place a rose before the baby Jesus.  The children led a Rosary and also sang Marian hymns.  It was a very special first meeting.  The children look forward to their next meeting of the Children's Rosary.  We welcome these dear little ones to the Children's Rosary and extend our love and prayers to them.  

We received word that there was cleaning going on in the rooms of many of the children confined to their beds.  They were not able to be visited today for that reason.  In the future when the children hold their meetings every effort will be made to visit the children and involve them as much as possible.

Thank you all for those who were able to unify prayers with the children.  This means a great deal to them. 

It is a very special day to see the beauty of the children coming before Our Lord to offer their love and prayers.  We thank you God for such a gift. 

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