Sunday, November 20, 2016

Important Announcement!

Dear Friends,
As the Year of Mercy is ending there is exiting news to share. Through God's infinite Mercy He has seen to give us the grace to complete our new Children's Rosary Website ( which will supplement our current Children's Rosary blog. This site represents the fruits of the prayers of a great many members of the Children's Rosary which include children in groups around the world. There has been sacrifice, fasting and love of Our Lord that kept the project moving forward. But only through the grace of God could it be completed. The site brings to life A View from Heaven
View from Heaven is the world as it might be seen from heaven with the prayers from the Children’s Rosary groups visible as blue twinkling lights and those joining them in prayer gold lights.
As the children come to Our Lord with an open heart and with their innocence one can imagine their prayers rise with a very pure light: one that travels a great distance to find the heart of their Heavenly Father.  What joy must be found in heaven to see such children praying the Holy Rosary, a prayer so dear to Our Blessed Mother and her Son.  As we know from Scripture, “where two or three are gathered in My Name there am I in their midst” (Matthew 18:20). Through these little prayer groups, indeed Our Lord is called down to be with us and hence the light shines all the more brilliantly…illuminating the darkness.
To see such lights growing in number around our tired world, a beautiful hope wells.  As more groups form, the lights coalesce forming a stronger, brighter light.
The children are praying that more groups will form so they can keep adding to the lights on the map.  The children when praying in their prayer groups show as a blue flashing light on the map, yet the children recognize that each person seeing this has the ability to fill the sky with more and more light.  The children are praying that you will join them in prayer.  By unifying prayers and clicking the JOIN IN PRAYER button on our website each person can add their gold light to the map.  Each Children’s Rosary prayer group is asked to pray for those unifying prayers with them. In this way, by joining prayers with the children, they are praying for you!
If one comes to the map and finds it dark, one has the ability to begin praying and hit the "Join in Prayer" button and see how their light begins to illuminate the dark world. Through your little light another soul may come and seeing the lone light may feel moved to join you in prayer. In this way you too can be a hand reaching out to others inviting them to pray.

May I humbly share the origins of A View from Heaven? This was something that lived in my heart for many years. The children tried to make a cloth version which was only a glimpse of what exists now.  Many road blocks and obstacles came in trying to realize this image. Yet nothing would deter us. We had a childlike confidence that God would provide everything that was needed...and so He did. He provided everything. It took time... yes it took years, but today on the Feast of Christ the King we can present it to the world. We take none of the credit for ourselves as God did everything. Any missteps, yes, these were ours alone. We do not know if it will be used by just a few or more. This is also known to God alone. But for our part we simply share it with all of you as well as any soul who feels moved to unify prayers with members of the Children's Rosary.

As we are just releasing this new site we are inviting groups to register and enter their meetings times. Over the coming weeks we pray that a View from Heaven becomes alive with lights of group meetings and those unifying prayers with the children.  A schedule is also present next to the map listing when upcoming meetings will be held. Please visit the site often and unify prayers with groups and other members of the Children's Rosary praying. 

Registered Groups

For those who would like to see all registered Children's Rosary groups on our map please click on the red dot in the legend under the map on our website and the view of registered groups will display. As you can see from the image above we are just beginning the registration process for existing groups.

This new website also brings a great many other resources to groups and visitors. We will be highlighting some of these individually below.


The children would like to share with you a special gift in honor of the Year of Mercy. We have released a Chaplet of Divine Mercy recorded by members of the Children's Rosary on the new site. The recordings are being made available on our site so any child or adult may come, listen, and pray with the children. To Listen Click HERE.

Instructional Videos

One of the resources that we are humbly making available on the new site is a series of instructional videos. These include: 
How to Run Your First Children's Rosary Group Meeting
Children's Rosary- A Frequently Asked Question
How to Start a Children's Rosary

For those with hearing impairment we have provided videos with subtitles as well.
The link to all three videos both with and without subtitles is HERE.

Printable Resources

We are very excited to share more materials on the Children's Rosary website that can be easily downloaded and printed from home. Some of these include:
Printable How to Pray the Rosary Diagram
Lyrics for our theme song "Rosary Children"
Additional resources are available to group leaders who register their groups within the group leader portal of the site. These include sample flyers, bulletin notices and logos.

Website Available in Three Languages

Through the help of many individuals we are excited for the first time to make the Children's Rosary site available in English, Spanish and French.

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