Saturday, September 3, 2016

Celebrate the Canonization of Mother Teresa by Joining the Children in Prayer

A Beautiful Story Unfolds

The past week and a half the Children's Rosary has received some wonderful blessings.  News came on the birthday of Mother Teresa that Fr. Augustine who began a Children's Rosary in his parish in Vietnam would be lifting up all the members of the Children's Rosary before a first class relic of Mother Teresa.  He sent beautiful pictures of his chapel where he said prayers for all of us.  Then word came from the 16 year old boy Fr. Augustine had appointed to help lead the Children's Rosary in his parish that Fr. Augustine has suffered a heart attack and died.  Fr. Augustine had died this past Sunday: the Feast of St. Augustine.  Tran, the boy left to help lead the Children's Rosary group wrote asking for our prayers.  He held a special Children's Rosary this week with the children to pray for Fr. Augustine their beloved pastor.  With such an outpouring of prayer good news came the next day.  Tran had reached out to the Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of God to begin a second Children's Rosary in Vietnam.  The date they chose to hold their first meeting was September 4th 2016. The children who will comprise this new Children's Rosary group are orphans and disabled children being cared for by the sisters.  Tran wrote requesting 300 Rosaries for them.  He also wrote that Fr. Augustine's relic of Mother Teresa would be brought for the meeting.  

This new Children 's Rosary will meet at 10 AM Sunday September 4th local time in Vietnam.  This will be 11 PM ET on Saturday here on the east coast of the United States. Tran wrote that he would be praying for all the Children's Rosary groups around the world.  We also asked him to pray for those unifying prayers with them.  

Chapel where the children will
be meeting
They will begin their meeting by Consecrating the new Children's Rosary group to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In this way the group is under the protection and guidance of Christ and His Mother.

This new Children's Rosary group which brings together orphans and disabled children seems to so beautifully embody the spirit of Mother Teresa.  We hope it will bring a smile to her face to see these little ones coming to pray the Holy Rosary as a Children's Rosary prayer group unified with others around the world. 

We humbly invite you to unify prayers with us.  We have included the meeting time of 10 AM Sunday in Vietnam into several different time zones around the world.  Please look up your local time and join us in prayer.

10 AM Vietnam (Sunday)
5 AM Belgium (Sunday)
11 PM Boston USA (Saturday)
10 PM Chicago USA (Saturday)
8 PM San Francisco USA (Saturday) 
7PM Fairbanks Alaska (Saturday)

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