Thursday, November 20, 2014

Presentation of Mary

Caleb pictured in green is one of our younger members of the
Children's Rosary
Today after Mass a familiar face came into the back corner of the chapel: a sweet grandfather and his little granddaughter.  Every day they arrive just after Mass and spend at least an hour in the chapel.

Several of us usually stay to pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy after Mass. Today I was enjoying very much watching this little girl no older than a year old toddling around beneath a first class relic of St. Faustina and a large Divine Mercy picture.  The little girl would make her way sometimes crawling sometimes walking with the help of her grandfather over to the kneeler and look up to Jesus and a beautiful statue of Our Blessed Mother.  There were several vases of flowers beneath the pictures and she would look at those as well.  All the while we were praying in the background.  The wonderful soft sounds of the Rosary a backdrop for her exploration.  

I was reminded of a little boy (pictured above in green) who from a tender age of several months old used to come to Mass with his mother.  As he grew she would push his carriage back and forth as we prayed the Rosary after Mass.  As he grew he began coming to the Children's Rosary.  He would watch the older children praying and kneel with them.  Often he would place a rose before Our Lady at the end of the decade taking turns with the other children.  I began to marvel at what a wonderful thing it is to grow up spending time in Our Lord's home.  So often you enter a chapel and it is empty during the day.  For an hour each morning during the week there is a grandfather and a little tiny child learning to walk keeping Our Lord company.  I can imagine Our Blessed Mother smiling to see such a sweet soul and a grandfather who lovingly brings his little granddaughter to Church.  As I was praying today in Church I began to wonder when is the moment when a child has their first lasting memory.  Would't it be wonderful if one of the first memories a child has is looking into the eyes of Our Lord and hearing the prayers of the Rosary echoing in the background.  Such experiences must create a wonderful garden for virtue to grow and flourish in a soul.  

Recently more and more I have been thinking about our Children's Rosary CDs which have little ones praying the Rosary with soft instrumental music behind.  In many ways the prayers are like a lullaby one might play for a child.  I began to wonder if such prayers gently prayed in the background would be wonderfully soothing for a a baby or young child.  So often our children our exploring in their own room or laying down trying to fall asleep.  It might be a wonderful thing to put the Children's Rosary CD on so they might be bathed in the sound of prayers.

Tomorrow as we celebrate the Presentation of Mary I am reminded of the wonderful role St. Anne and St. Joachim played in raising a pure soul which would bring Our Lord into this world.  To contemplate bringing children to Our Lord's home to spend time and just be with Our Lord is something beautiful to reflect on.  Many may not be able to come to the Church each day but you might consider a monthly or weekly Children's Rosary.

We are blessed to have a first class relic of St. Anne visiting our home.  Tonight in a special way I would like to pray for all members of the Children's Rosary and in a special way all parents and grandparents that we may be given the grace and assistance to help guide our own children and grandchildren in holiness. Amen.

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