Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12th Children's Rosary

Fr. Murphy pictured in the blue shirt
The children all prayed for all those who could not be with us today.  We prayed in a special way for all those who were joining us in prayer from their homes maybe across the globe.  We were joined by Fr. Murphy this morning which is always such a blessing to have the children pray with one of their shepherds.  In a special way we prayed for peace in our hearts, families, parish and world.  A Priest once said that if someone in the family has lost peace then the peace of the whole family is shaken.  It is my prayer today for all of us that each one of our dear family members may find peace and with that peace may exhist in our homes.  Our Lady is the Queen of Peace and her Son the Prince of Peace.  May they visit our hearts and homes this day. Amen.

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