Sunday, September 11, 2016

Honey for the Heart

This morning upon coming home from our monthly Children's Rosary at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in West Hartford Connecticut,  there was a surprise: more beautiful pictures and videos from the first meeting of the Children's Rosary in Vietnam with the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Holy Redeemer. These sisters take care of orphans and disabled children.  
Through the invitation of Tran, a 16 year old boy who is helping to spread the Children's Rosary, they began a group today on September 11th 2016.  They met at 10 AM with many unifying prayers with them from around the world.  The little ones who have very little, each had a rose to place at the foot of Our Lady.  They knelt in prayer of the Holy Rosary as a new Children's Rosary group.  They prayed for all of us who are part of the Children's Rosary, a humbling thought indeed.  They entrusted all their worries to their heavenly Mother and Father.  They came with hope that all their efforts to make the morning special would bring Our Lord and His Mother joy.  Tran, the boy who only two weeks ago lost his beloved Pastor, held his guitar and played for Our Lady and the children.  The new group began by being Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In watching the videos of the children praying and placing roses before Our Lady, there were no words to express what this evoked in my heart.  I could find only a few to utter: beauty, joy, thanksgiving....  nothing seemed to be enough. The children ended their meeting by venerating the relics of two beautiful saints: St. Teresa of Calcutta and St. Padre Pio.  

Those children who were unable to get out of their bed due to their disabilities had a special visit from Tran to say a prayer with them and venerate the relics. 

Seeing the children barefoot in the chapel one is reminded of Mother Teresa who always removed her shoes as she entered a chapel as she consider it holy ground.  The beautiful reverence of these children is an inspiration.  They have so little and yet they pray and thank God.  

From my own little heart I simply say:, "thank you, thank you, thank you God for such a gift today.  Surely this is from You as it is a taste of heaven to see such things. 

Please watch the two video clips of the children:
Placing Roses Before Our Lady

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